Public Safety

The most important role of Government is public safety. Without a safe community nothing else functions. As a former Deputy District Attorney I have spent most of my life supporting law enforcement and will continue to do so as your Ventura County Supervisor through a respectful relationship between the County and Law Enforcement, encouraging the proactive use of neighborhood watch programs, and use of the latest technology to fight crime.

My Proven Leadership:

* Founded the community-wide joint Heroin Prevention Task Force.

* Reestablished a respectful relationship with the City and our Police Officers.

* Initiated the "Thumbs Up" campaign to support our Cops with signs and bumper stickers in our community.

* Initiated the Michael Clark Highway 118 overcrossing memorial signs.

* Initiated Ordinance to keep the Pornography Industry out of our City.

* Initiated Ordinance to rid Prostitution from our City.

* Initiated Police Department’s use of Social Media.

* Initiated full time DEA assigned Officers fighting against illegal drugs resulting in over $2,000,000 in forfeiture money used to purchase the latest technology to support our Police Officers and increase Public Safety.

* After the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007, I initiated the College Board to provide an emergency response system for all three Community Colleges to protect the students. The Board of Trustees accepted my suggestion and implemented the “District Wide Emergency Response” system.