False Claims vs. The Facts

Campaigning for public office has too often lately been reduced to questionable tactics and unsupported but sensationalized and often completely false claims aimed at opposing candidates.  Unfortunately, that is what has happened in this race aimed at me.  The lies and completely false claims are coming out of an organization not based in our County.  Here are the facts you need to know to cast an informed vote based on honesty and integrity. 

FALSE CLAIM #1:  Bob Huber approved the City budget to increase spending by 23%.

THE FACTS/TRUTH:  What is left off the misleading claim is taxes were NOT raised during this period of time. The increase in revenue was due to an improved local economy where more people were shopping in Simi Valley and buying more goods.

Per capita spending compared to nearby cities:
Simi Valley $551
Thousand Oaks $650
Ventura $706 (Excludes Fire and Parks and Recreation)
Burbank $1011 (Excludes Fire and Parks and Recreation)
*Based on California Department of Finance 1/1/2017 estimates.

FALSE CLAIM #2:  Bob Huber voted to increase the City Manager's salary by 43%.

THE FACTS/TRUTH:  The City of Simi Valley recently hired a new City manager. In order to find the best person for the job, we searched nationally and advertised a competitive salary. Despite this, the salary of the new City Manager was actually 25% lower than the previous City Manager. In addition, the new City Manager was hired and paid the lowest salary of any of the other ten city managers in Ventura County (including city managers of smaller cities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Port Hueneme). Today, he has the second lowest salary of the ten city managers in the County because the City of Moorpark recently hired a new person.

FALSE CLAIM #3:  Bob Huber was the chairman of a local tax, increasing school bond measures. 

THE FACTS/TRUTH:  Our community came together with hundreds of grassroots volunteers in support of that measure, which was successfully approved by the voters with over 70% of the vote.

FALSE CLAIM #4:  Bob Huber supported Jerry Brown's Car and Gas tax (SB1). 

THE FACTS/TRUTH:  City staff drafted a letter to the State. However, the letter was never signed by me or sent to the State. The questionable “association” from Hilmar, CA, that sent the misleading and negative mailer is using a draft letter out of context that was never signed. In fact, the opposition was told the letter was never signed or sent to the State before they circulated their false claims.


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